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History Bones Archive

History Bones Archive

In 2010, Trustees of the Brittle Bone Society arranged to formally hand over and entrust their precious archives to the University of Dundee for safe keeping and for posterity.

The archive has a strong local significance whilst also reflecting the impact of the charity both across the UK and on the development of similar organisations around the world. The Brittle Bone Society was the first registered OI charity anywhere in the world. We collaborated around the same time with our good friends at OIF in the USA who were set up soon after us, and some years later we helped our colleagues at OIFE – the organisation that represents OI patient groups across Europe.

The History Bones archive holds an important catalogue of items that contain interesting and irreplaceable information that make up the story of the Brittle Bone Society. The archive also documents the fascinating story of medical developments and treatment over the years.

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