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History Bones Project

History Bones Project

The History Bones archive is a collection of valuable information documenting the history of the Brittle Bone Society, including newsletters, conference papers, and fundraising initiatives spanning our 50-year history. Working with the University of Dundee, we were able to exhibit some of these materials during our annual conference in 2018, and was exhibited for a time at Dundee Central Library in September 2018.

The exhibition charts the dramatic changes in fundraising; increased independence for people with OI; mobility; changes in language; changing landscape of charitable organisations; styles of marketing and communication methods before social media; and so much more!

Even though we have held our first exhibition already, there are still some gaps in our history and knowledge, and this is where you can help! Please get in touch with us with your memories, stories, materials and any old equipment you could part with, and ask family members too. Contact us and let us know what treasured item or story you can send to us.

Consider sending us your story, be it about the BBS or your life with OI. See other stories for inspiration!

We want to know about:

  • How the BBS influenced you –  did you receive a typewriter from the 1977 Magpie Appeal? Do you remember having a spacesuit?

  • Your pre-NHS stories about treatments and hospital stays in the “olden days”!

  • Work – attitudes in the workplace and how they have changed over the years.

  • School –  did you go to mainstream school or not? What education did you receive?

  • Relationships – with family, friends, partners, work or school colleagues and the BBS and attitudes which you faced.

  • Social welfare and government help  – how have things changed since 1968?

  • Holidays and travel, sports and other hobbies.

Please get in touch, we really do want to hear from you. Email or call the office on 01382 204446 and staff will be happy to discuss the project in more detail.

  • Members' Stories

    Some of our members have already sent us stories and photos for our History Bones campaign! Read about what it was like for Elaine growing up with OI.

  • Events

    With a series of events taking place across the UK & Ireland each year, our events bring people with OI & healthcare professionals together.