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BBS Head to Holyrood

BBS Head to Holyrood

On Wednesday the 5th December, the Brittle Bone Society will be attending a Parliamentary Reception at Holyrood to round up a year of exciting events celebrating the charity’s 50th anniversary. The event, kindly sponsored by Shona Robison MSP, will allow us to acknowledge the great work in healthcare and research throughout Scotland, demonstrate the importance of research projects and partnerships, and give a shout out to the Hypophosphatasia (HPP) and X-Linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH) communities.

Events like this help us raise awareness of OI, and will allow us to highlight the need for a coordinated rare bone service in Scotland.

If you live in Scotland, why not write to your MSP and encourage them to attend the reception? Have a look a our video and letter-writing-toolkit below:

Letter Writing Toolkit

1. Find out who your MSP is, and take a note of their email or postal address.

2. Write your letter using our template. Why not add in why you think they should attend?

3. Send your letter, either by email or post.

MSP Finder: 

Letter Template: