Andy Mills

Andy.jpgElected as Trustee 2011

Having benefitted from the provisions of the BBS for as long as I can remember, I now feel that I would like to “give something back” and take an active part in the governance, operational and business aspects of the Society. I believe that my experience in the fields of digital media, marketing and advertising will make me an asset to the team on the Board of Trustees, the Society and – most importantly – it’s Members.

I have OI, and have lived independently, graduated from University and successfully started my own business; I am therefore a positive role model for young people with OI. I would, however, like to state that I do not consider being a young person with OI to be sufficient qualifications for the role of Trustee. Indeed, given the ambitious aims and aspirations of the BBS at this time, I am aware that we need Trustees – with or without OI – who have the necessary skill sets to carry the Society forward.

My experience in digital media, marketing and advertising will help enable the society to raise its profile, thus raising awareness of what OI/Brittle Bones is, and enabling the Society to raise the funds required to meet the needs of its members and fulfill its long-term aims.