Elaine Healey


I am proud of the achievements I helped put in place, along with my fellow trustee board, for the Brittle Bone Society throughout my term as Chairman. The BBS is operating to its optimum, it is both exciting and extremely uplifting to note, that we have many excellent and beneficial projects which are now completed to member’s satisfaction and an exciting new chapter begins with our next Strategic Plan 2016. 

Members and supporters have benefited from the BBS having our own Medical Advisory Board launched under my direction in 2012, now having completed its first operational review – with noted achievements including a bank of medical fact sheets. And part of the plans going forward will include our support to call for NHS Adult Services, and a commitment to work  on appropriate research matters; offering our views and co-operation in pursuit of greater prospects for treatments.

Events like VOICE are now in entering a 6th year. Cool Bones for our younger 11-15 year olds now in year three. We have 7 extremely hard working Volunteer Support Groups across the British Isles. Our Society has been offering valuable contribution to national NHS policy in the UK Rare Disease Plan and beyond. Reaching out and building bridges with other rare bone groups. Setting up our All Ireland Forum, launching our new patient day workshops. Communicating using all the latest methods but not forgetting our core supporters, offering various methods of support and assistance through our excellent film catalogue, renewed website and Facebook, twitter, e-zines and newsletters.


We continue to fundraise for thousands of pounds year on year towards vital wheelchairs and equipment – to part fund and host meaningful events, to raise awareness And bring our members together to share. 

I am confident we achieved much of what we aspired to, the next 3 years shall see us call for better treatments and  services., extend our relations with the wider OI community in Europe and beyond, continue to offer help with wheelchairs and provide the best events possible.