The Brittle Bone Society works closely with the Paediatric Osteogenesis Imperfecta National Team (POINT). The team consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Clinical Nurse Specialists from the four highly skilled centres of excellence in England and Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, Glasgow. This collaboration allows the Brittle Bone Society to provide members with advice and guidance relating to the many enquiries we receive each year. A representative from the Brittle Bone Society is invited to join the team at meetings three times a year to discuss new treatments, research, campaigns and events.

POINT worked in conjunction with the Brittle Bone Society’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB) in order to create factsheets covering a variety of topics which can be found here. These factsheets will be reviewed regularly to ensure their content is accurate and up to date.

Additionally, the members of POINT have played a vital role in the creation of the materials for the Brittle Bone Society’s educational awareness campaign, the OI Awareness Bears, with input to produce short films that are both age-appropriate and informative.