Talks & Presentations

2015 Family Conference, Manchester

The playlist below features all the live-streamed talks from the 2015 Family Conference in Manchester. 


'Bridges to Better Bones' 2014 Family Conference

Dr Nick Shaw - Added Value Care

Dr Nick Shaw's address from our 'Bridges to Better Bones' 2014 Family Conference, talking about how the specialised centres for OI are adding value for patients.

Dr Keen - Pain Management in OI

Prof. Bishop - Treatment Update

Prof. Bishop - Treatment Update (continued)

Professor Bishop follows on from his Friday night address and leads a question and answer style presentation.

Dr Reid - Hearing Loss in OI

Dr Andrew Reid's presentation on hearing loss in people with OI and the different options available to help manage it

Dr Javaid - RUDY Project

Dr Javaid presenting the NIHR funded RUDY database/survey project.

Blackpool 2012 Conference

Professor Nick Bishop - 2012 Conference Speech

Professor Nick Bishop addresses the Brittle Bone Society 2012 Conference in Blackpool and talks about treatments, both new and old, along with details of POINT, the Medical Advisory Board and the 4 specialist centres setup for treatment of OI.

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