Bone Health & OIFE Conference 2016

Patricia Osborne (CEO) and Coreen Kelday (SDO) were invited to a series of important meetings and seminars with colleagues in the OI world from all over Europe and further afield.

Two days were spent attending the Scientific Congress hosted by the Unbreakable Alliance, a  partnership created between APOI (the Portuguese OI Society) and Fundacion AHUCE (The Spanish OI Research Charity).  Talks were heard from Healthcare professionals around the globe: from America, to India to the UK. The full abstract of talks can be viewed here.

Staff were also included in an inaugural meeting about greater collaboration in ‘Bone Health’ which was hosted by the IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation).

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Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe’s AGM was attended by representatives from 13 different countries.  BBS delegates CEO Patricia Osborne and Support Development Officer Coreen Kelday were pleased to attend the OIFE AGM.

Coreen offered practical accounts support and also took on the role as one of the minute takers.

Patricia was able to share some management updates about good governance that they follow in the British Isles, and also offered to share some details on documents and policies adopted at the BBS which the OIFE may also be able to use. These policies cover a myriad of topics that e.g. determine relationships with Pharma companies and matters around data protection, etc.

Taking a long term view it was suggested by Patricia to develop their own strategic plan that may help the OIFE executive with their own forward planning to construct a full set of strategic documents covering overall OIFE strategic aims.

Patricia suggested they also consider a more detailed look at costs of events and fundraising and sponsorship prospects, and they fully consider and agree an operational plan and communications strategy.

BBS concluded by confirming that their charity’s own journey – to complete their strategy leading on to their own Research Programme which only just been agreed, approved and now completed as part of a 5 year long work programme and had just been submitted to the AMRC for acceptance and approval.

BBS also raised a question around geography. Ever mindful that BREXIT may impact – added that the BBS had a strong and positive relationship with members in the Republic of Ireland and asked this be addressed in the description of the Brittle Bone Society’s descriptive section on the OIFE website.

OIFE Member meeting