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Category: News


Richard Toner Guest Blog: Adult Services

  • Posted on Feb 4, 2021

On the 23rd of October 2020, I was asked if I could represent the Brittle Bone Society by CEO Patricia Osborne to attend to a panel meeting, Review of Adult Social Care which was heldMore >

Tributes to Dr Margaret Grant MBE.

  • Posted on Dec 18, 2020

We have received some tributes for Dr Margaret Grant MBE from our Health Care Professionals. You can read a sample of them here. Prof. Nick Shaw, Birmingham Children’s Hospital “The diagnosis of a rare conditionMore >

In Remembrance of Dr. Margaret Grant MBE.

  • Posted on Dec 3, 2020

Dr. Margaret Grant MBE, a proud Dundonian and an important local charity figure, passed away peacefully yesterday at her home in Dundee surrounded by loving family. Margaret had been living with a series of long-termMore >

Chris Lynch’s Documentary- The Disability Paradox

  • Posted on Nov 23, 2020

Chris Lynch has created a film which explores his very personal journey on life with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This  film explores fundamental questions about what makes us happy and how we can improve the quality ofMore >

A Message from the Highly Specialised Osteogenesis Imperfecta Team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

  • Posted on Aug 10, 2020

In common with every hospital and NHS facility across the UK, the pandemic has had an impact on how we in Sheffield work and deliver services. At a national level, the number of children seenMore >