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Karl’s Bournemouth Marathon

  • Posted on Oct 18, 2018

Karl, who has OI, recently ran the Bournemouth marathon raising money and awareness for the Brittle Bone Society. Completing, what he describes as a “killer course” in 4hrs 7 mins and finishing with a calf injury hasn’t deterred Karl who is already planning to run the Brighton Marathon in April next year again raising funds and awareness for the BBS.

Because of his OI, Karl is only able to train once a week for the marathon and found it difficult to find a tailored training schedule. This really got him thinking about challenges people face with all sorts of “invisible” conditions and the struggle just to get to the start line, never mind the finish line with the additional training, rest, recovery and physio burden.

Karl has been very active in raising awareness of OI on social media and plans to write a blog on marathon training with the condition so watch this space.   Well done Karl, a well-deserved medal indeed.