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Queensferry Crossing

  • Posted on Sep 15, 2017

In September, Lucy’s troops tackled the new Queensferry crossing! Three-year-old Lucy and her troops including mum Julie Brown and uncle Jim who have both been involved in the BBS since the 1980s received the once in a lifetime chance to take part in the Queensferry walk for the opening of the new crossing. This was a fantastic effort for little Lucy and over £500 was raised for the BBS. Congratulations everyone that took part.

Yvonne and Wilma also had the chance to walk across the fantastic new bridge as part of their 50 walks being completed for the Brittle Bone Society’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Both are trying to raise as much as possible for the charity over the course of a year. Well done both for another great walk!

    A once in a lifetime opportunity!