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Please note: for purchases outwith the United Kingdom, please call the team on 01382 204446 to place your order.


Promotional t-shirts

Available in small, medium and large. Just £12!
Standard BBS t-shirts and running vests

                £8                                        £8                                 £16

Order your T-shirt


            Badge 50p                    Fuzzy Bug 50p                   Pen £1

 Wristband £1                    Coaster £1           



                                                 Wishbone Pin £2

Car Stickers £3

Order your Car Sticker

Wedding Favours

Congratulations on your engagement! If you would like to cross something off your wedding to-do list and help support the Brittle Bone Society, then why not purchase these wishbone pins – a great alternative to traditional favours!

                                               50 favours for £120


OI bear products

          Bear £12           T-shirt (pink or white) £5         Crutch pack £10

Bear wheelchair £20


‘In Our Bones’ CD by Max Edney £10


If you would like to order any accessories, toys, or wedding favours, please email us or call the office on 01382 204446. Please note delivery charges may apply.