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Update on Covid19 for the Republic of Ireland

  • Posted on Apr 2, 2020

. Please refer to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre website for the latest information. Click here>> . Additionally, please find below a PDF discussing best practice for telephone assessment and testing pathways during the ongoingMore >

Update on Covid19 and Shielding Guidelines from Brittle Bone Society Medical Advisory Board

  • Posted on Mar 25, 2020

COVID 19 update for people with rare bone disorders. Update 25.3.2020 Some of you may have received letters about being someone who’s extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. OI does not affect the immune system. We recogniseMore >

Update on Covid19 from Brittle Bone Society Medical Advisory Board

  • Posted on Mar 18, 2020

The current Public Health advice is that anyone who would be on the list for a flu jab should be considered vulnerable and follow the advice for that group. (The advice is changing often asMore >

Harris Academy – YPI Charity Fair

  • Posted on Mar 13, 2020

The Brittle Bone Society team were delighted to attend another local YPI Charity Fair, this time hosted by Harris Academy in Dundee. The YPI allows students to gain an appreciation for the different local charitiesMore >

Update on Covid19 from Elaine Healey, Chairman of the Brittle Bone Society

  • Posted on Mar 13, 2020

The Coronavirus (Covid19) situation merits particular attention from those with underlying health concerns, including the OI community. It is crucial that we all pay attention to the advice from the experts, including on hygiene andMore >