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Treatment and Care for Children

The Society continues to work collaboratively with the four nationally commissioned Highly Specialised Services (HSS) whom have an interest in paediatric Osteogenesis Imperfecta in England. We also work with other regional centres throughout the UK and Ireland. For the full list click here

The NHS England commissioned services are for children with Complex, Severe or Atypical Childhood Osteogenesis Imperfecta. These centres provide multi-disciplinary care where you may see a variety of specialists during your visit. They are also able to offer specialist advice and information to your local hospital team.

This page lists some useful resources and talks in relation to general care in child health.


Information about Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Bisphosphonate Treatment
Emotional Wellbeing
Caring For An Infant With OI
Managing Fractures
Advice for Nurseries and Pre-Schools
Advice For Primary Schools
Advice For Secondary Schools
Participation in Physical Education (PE)

Kids Hospital Packs

If your little one is going into hospital for treatments or check-ups, get in touch with Coreen our Support Development Officer  who will arrange to send you a pack!

Each pack includes Olly the OI Owl, a handy drinks bottle, some wet wipes, a colouring book and pencils or a story book all enclosed in a lovely BBS drawstring bag. Coreen would also love to receive your pictures with the packs!

Management of OI in children


Mild of OI in children and adults

OI Child Health during a Pandemic